13 wk. assignments and the last month's rent

  1. Since the assignments are 13 weeks do the travel companies typically reimburse you for the last month in full or only the amount for one week's rent? Do you typically head right out from one assignment to the next within a week or do you spend a couple of weeks enjoying the area after an assignment is over before you move on to the next one? Do you find that you have enough time to really get the most out of living in an interesting area of the country or is it just workworkwork?

    I'm full of questions! Thanks for taking the time to look at them
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  3. by   live4today
    hello marysunshine

    i'm a travel nurse, so thought i'd take a stab at answering your questions.
    when the assignment is over, so is your rent obligation. all you do is pack and go.

    i try to enjoy the area i'm working in as much as possible while on contract because after the contract ends, i'm anxious to get going.

    i just ended an assignment in california, and now i'm between assignments visiting family and friends before starting the next one. i took one month off between this assignment and the next. my next assignment will end mid-october, and then i'll take off a couple of weeks before starting a new one.

    i only work my required three twelve hour shifts per week. some travel nurses pick up extra shifts, but i'm not interested in spending my life on the job. try to have a life while you travel, and give up the rest of it.

    good luck to you wherever you go! :hatparty:
  4. by   maturner
    Right on, Cheerfuldoer! Traveling is what you make of it.

    If you stay in company supplied housing there is no reimbursement because you don't pay out any rent to be reimbursed. If you take the housing subsidy and stay wherever, they will pay you one weeks worth of subsidy for that 13th week. You usually have a couple days at the end of your contract before you must move out of company supplied housing. Again, as I have stated before on this forum all things are negotiable, including move in/out dates.
  5. by   peaceful
    I have a question about travel nursing. Your life sounds so great with the travelling & taking time off in between assignments to be w/family. How do you deal with pension & benefits, and/or living without a paycheck during your off times? Do you pay for medical insurance, or work enought hrs that company provides even during off times? sorry so many questions!
  6. by   cookingnurse
    I am also interested in travel nursing. I have been just layed off from my office position & am looking at many options as there is a hiring freeze at the local hospitals. I have been trying to decide which agency is the best, should I sign with 2 different ones. I need to work back into the hospital but don't want to work night shift. What are the opportunities out there but not midnights. I need some answers. I am also not young (46). Would this be too much for me? Are the nurses at the hospitals you go to nice or do they "eat their young?"
  7. by   MarySunshine
    Thank you everyone for answering my questions. I have lots to think about.