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    I was living in an honeymoon state with my current travel nursing agency until I had to renew my current contract. At first, they wanted me to stay 8 more weeks, but I couldn't, and they offered me a 500$ extension contract. I refused. They then offered me an extra 500$ at the end of my contract. My mind was still set on something else. So they offered to keep the 500$ bonuses, but, to stay 4 weeks instead of 8. That suited me well. They faxed the contract, I signed it, and everything was ok. Now that I have started this extension, they said they made a mistake and that the bonuses were if I stayed 8 weeks (which isn't true, I have a hundred e-mails that mention I keep the bonuses even if I renew for 4 weeks, and it was written in the contract). They want to refax me a new contract with half the bonuses, so 250$ at the beginning and 250$ at the end. I DON'T want to do this. What can I do? I will be legally bond to this if I sign a new one. Can they do this?

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  3. by   mskate
    Don't take the new contract! You have a signed contract - signed by both you and the hospital, stating the appropriate bonuses and time frame - hold them to their word! They want you to back down and take less money - they already agreed to give you the money, you have it on paper in the form of a legally binding contract. Hold them to it! What a nice world we would have if everytime someone signed a contract and they decided they didnt like it anymore, they could just make up a new one and not be beholden to it anymore?? I'm so tired of people feeling like contracts for everyone BUT the traveler is a fluid concept. It is not. We have legal rights and reasonable expectations as well, and one of those is for their contract to remain the same and to get paid what was agreed upon.
  4. by   CRNA2BKY
    Any 1st year law student can rip them to shreds! Don't sign anything else. Demand that they hold up there end of the contract. If they refuse, sue the hell out of them, and file for an amount including the breach of contract amount as well as punitive damages. They will want to settle out of court, but play hard ball, and make it clear to them that they CANNOT do this to anyone!
  5. by   caliotter3
    The whole purpose of having an employment contract is just that, to have an employment contract. Hold them to it. If they don't pay you, take it to the labor board and if necessary take legal action.