Travel nursing vs. Hospital


I'm going to be moving to central California. Trying to decide on the best course of action for working in the area. Do I go with a travel agency or apply to a specific hospital?

Specializes in Telemetry, Primary Care. Has 8 years experience.

Depends on you. Do you like to travel? Are you interested in trying out new hospitals/areas every several weeks/months and then moving on? My coworker is a travel nurse from Texas and she loves CA because of the travel/tourist opportunities she has gotten so far from being here (such as backpacking in the mountains, snow boarding, the beach, etc). Since you are moving to CA, I would probably suggest looking for a hospital job unless you don't mind travel nursing up and down CA first every few months if you are contracted through a travel agency. I wouldn't know the actual job prospects of a travel nurse in CA vs a full-time position in the hospital in CA.