Travel Nursing to Virgin Islands


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Has anyone traveled to the VI within the last year or 2? Most of the post Ive seen are very old. Im very much interesting in traveling there in a few months.

Anyone have info on particular agency the would recommend, pay, housing, commuting, hows staffing?? Pros/Cons?


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Forget about the pay and be happy if you break even. Also, this is essentially a third world hospital so if you need US standard of care for working, I would suggest going there on vacation only. Big culture shock. Every USVI resident that is above poverty level has insurance to fly to PR or Florida if hospitalization is needed. From my observations, most of the happiest travelers there were into the bar scene. For commuting, there is an island bus. Alternatively, you can rent a car or buy a car. These comments apply to St Thomas. While I have visited St Croix, I don't know much about it other than sewage in the bay (no cruise ships stop there anymore for that reason), and there is more crime than St Thomas. Worldwide staffs both islands and BVI too.

I live on STT so let me take a crack at your question.Pay - more than the staff nurses. They are paid less than the US average with a COL 3x higher.Hospital - equipment is somewhat antiquated, but I'm glad that I am learning to rough it from the start, so when I work stateside it will be a breeze 😂Ratio - On Med Surg it's 5-7 per RN depending on census. However a lot of the Medical patients aren't really ill enough to be inpatient. ICU 2-3 L&D .....rarely have a lot of L&D patients. ER..... a mad House.Safari taxi is 2$ each way takes you right to the hospital. Food is 3x what it costs in the states. Housing is a litte expensive. Most travelers stay at Sapphire Beach Condos. Most people spend their time boating, drinking and on the beach, there is not much else to do.