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I am a new RN with about 5 months experience, 2 years as LPN. I have been thinking about travel nursing and would like any info or personal experience yall are willing to share. Iv been trying to research some and I get the basics of it but that's all. I want to know how it is, would it be something a new nurse can handle? Most agencies say 1 year experience but is that enough? I am currently working in a small hospital so I wouldn't say my experience is as good as I would need. Is the money worth it? How difficult is it going to different places and not knowing anyone? Is it a hassle to get started in the agency? which agencies would you prefer? I would love any help you can offer. Thanks!

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Small hospital, medsurg I'm guessing? Yes, you will likely drown taking an assignment now and if you find one, it is because experienced travelers won't do it. Very few hospitals will look at taking a traveler without some tele experience (you will be floated), or a much better work history than you have. If they do, huge red flags should go off to both you and any reputable agency.

Every job comes with hassles, and every nursing job pays less than say a physician. Whether a particular job is worth it is very personal, but if you have a travel itch, you will have to deal with travel's particular hassles such as agencies, getting housing, and learning a new hospital that treats you like a disposable commodity and whatever it pays.

That is the downside (some of them anyway). Any agency site will tell you the upside. If you want to travel, upgrading your experience and skills is a good idea. Medsurg has been on a downswing for perhaps 20 years now and the ACA is only accelerating that trend. There will always be medsurg, but it is just not in demand and you are competing with many nurses with decades of experience for the same jobs. Consider learning a new specialty at a large teaching hospital.