Travel Nursing with Reprimands?


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I will definitely try. Thank you so very much. 

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Since you mention financial and elder abuse, are you sure if your name is, or isn't, on the OIG list? Office of Inspector General....something like that is sometimes reported and goes on the list mandatory. It excludes one from being eligible to work anywhere that accepts medicare/medicaid. Even in any capacity....couldn't even be a janitor at the facility, or the facility pays hefty fines for employees on the "blacklist". You probably would have gotten a letter from them if it was even being considered. You can Google the website and check your name to see if it comes up. If you are, you can apply to be removed from the list. It takes awhile though, of course. 

Best wishes! I know it is hard. You still have a valid license though, that's the bright side!! So keep on keeping on with it and up to date! Be honest about what happened and offer references to future an idea.