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Travel Nursing in Endoscopy

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Hello all!

I just wanted to see if there was anyone who has experience with travel nursing in the Endoscopy specialty. I have about 1.5 years experience in Endoscopy (hospital setting) and I am seriously considering travel nursing in that specialty. I am asking for any insight - good, bad and ugly!

(For example, how's the pay? Do most facilities still use conscious sedation or do most use monitored anesthesia care? Can a traveler request to NOT be on call?...etc. Any insight will help!)


I'm an OR nurse but I do float to endo. The working conditions should be similar to what you are used to. Most cases are conscious sedation. Travel is not a way to avoid call although I wouldn't be able to say it is not possible. I've seen shortages of endo in the past with really good pay but pay will depend on multiple factors.


Has 4 years experience.

I think it depends on the hospital. I've seen positions for IR that specifically said no call. Endo is so specific, be prepared to go where the job is, not necessarily where you wanna go. Do some position searching on travel nurse websites. That should give you a good example of the availability of Endo jobs and some give details about on call requirements.

You need to have proper information regarding the people who are into traveling nursing because it goes reasonably if you stick to it and a lot can be done with an outcome hope something works for you.