Travel Nursing And Bankruptcy Issues

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Currently a nursing student and want to eventually do travel OR nursing. Thinking of filing a chapter 7 due to credit card debt. How will a bankruptcy on my record hurt me with travel nursing agencies? Thank you

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I do not know.

But I will say that the vast majority of travel companies, as well as many hospitals do credit checks on prospective employees. And even if the travel company does not initially, they frequently do it later if it is a requirement for the contracting facility.

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As you are a nursing student at this time, it should have very little effect. You are not looking at being a travel nurse for several years. You have to:

1. pass nursing school and the nclex.

2. get a job in a hospital (some will allow new grads into the OR, most require a year of med-surg first.

3.have at least 2 years experience after orientation before looking at travel opportunities.

By this time your bankruptcy will be way in your past. Good luck in getting to where you want to go.

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The majority of facilities require credit checks also, even for regular staff

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