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I would appreciate any help from those of you who have taken contracts in Alaska. I have been doing travel Nursing for 2 years, but always in the lower 48 states. I am planning on taking a contract in Alaska in early June, as I am doing a contract right now. I am looking at the Northern part, like Barrow, Kotzebue, Nome, Bethel, but would be receptive to Sikta, Cordoba etc. Anyone knows how they do housing up there, I have always found my own housing, but Alaska is not necessarily an easy place to find housing! I work in the ED. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my e mail , I check my e mail more often than this website. Thank you for any help. Estelle RN


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I've never looked for housing in Alaska, but I don't know why it would be any different. Start on Craigslist and see what you find!

Hi Estelle, I am on assignment in Alaska right now and NedRN is not correct. Alaska is NOT like anywhere else. Housing here is very limited, and VERY expensive. CraigsList is not going to help, especially not in the areas that you mentioned Estelle. But, I can tell you that in those areas housing is provided (in most cases), it is shared housing, and it is more like dorm style living. Alaska is beautiful, and expensive. ED is a great specialty and there are lots of needs.. Northern Alaska is very unique.


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You are right. I was thinking about Anchorage. Which is where most assignments are. I didn't read the original post carefully.

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I received a note into my e mail and this very nice lady informed me that in Barrow the hospital provides housing and 3 meals at their cafeteria plus transportation if they put you up at the old hospital. I am ok with that. I am not a very needy person. I am going to try and get an assignment in Barrow for early June, I will be done with this contract towards the end of May. Michelle, you stated in your post that you are presently in Alaska. Are you on the northern part. I will try it in June if I am able to get a contract, and if I like it, I may renew it and spend a winter up there. Thank you so much for answering my post. I personally would not be interested in the bigger cities like Ankorage, I have plenty of big and smaller cities here in the lower states.


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Did any of you firm up a travel contract to AlasKa for 2014? If so where, which agency and best package? I am interested in the Anchorage hospitals and am an ICU nurse, travel contract ends here in Fl April 15

please send current info

def need housing info and rental car ?

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bringing back an old thread to see if I can get some updated information. Looking to travel to Alaska and would like to see what specialty seems to be the most in demand. I have experience in CTICU, CCU and I am currently working in dialysis. I plan on trying to get an assignment in a larger city. Thanks for the help