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I'm relocating to the Portland, OR area from the east coast and I'm having a hard time finding a FT permanent job. I have 10 years nursing experience with 8 of those on a telemetry step down floor. I thought maybe I should start off working for an agency that would get my foot in the door. The problem is, I am not sure what I'm supposed to ask the recruiter. I want to make good money and have benefits. Any suggestions as to what I should ask? What agencies are the best? What kind of pay should I be getting?1


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Not sure about agencies, but I'm surprised you're having issues with that much experience. Portland was not a difficult market for experienced nurses (new grads have a hell of a time); I have 3 years (1 M/S, 2 ICU) and got a critical care job without much issue including multiple offers. Do you have a BSN?

I am one humanities class away from my BSN and I am waiting for my Oregon license to go through. I feel like I've applied to all these hospitals and they said it can take up to three weeks, but I'm afraid they will go with someone else because I'm not out there yet. My husband got a job and that's why we are relocating.

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You are far better off going to staff direct. You can forget about good benefits as a traveler, and your effective pay will be less than staff makes at most Oregon hospitals. A good bit of the benefit of travel is tax free benefits for working away from home. You will not be working away from home.

Since you want to be working where your husband is, you can try contacting local agencies for per diem work as a backup until you land a staff job. That will also get your foot in the door.