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Travel Nurses and Relationship


I hope the traveling nurse on this site can help me out. A little bit of background on my situation. I have a fiance that is a nurse and she just recently came up to me and was wanting to delay the wedding for a few months so she can experience being a traveling nurse. How do traveling nurses keep relationship going? How have your significant other have dealt with you being gone? I would like to get some insight to put my mind at ease.

BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

Traveling within the state when I did have a husband was no problem. I'd have my shifts scheduled together, do the three-sometimes (not very often) four in a row, and come home. He always had the option to drive up had he chosen to do so. But he'd mainly use that time to sign up for extra shifts. Traveling out of the state was out of the question for me...no desire whatsoever to hop a plane.

But why postpone a wedding for this? Is this a strike assignment with mega bucks that conflict with the wedding date?

Thanks for the reply. She really wants to experience it before marriage. It's something she feels really strong about. I won't stop her but want some advice to handle this long distance relationship.

What is her input? Relationships are unique, and there is nothing to replace frank discussions. What are your fears? Clearly you have some (tell her, not us).

This may not be about your relationship at all. Many women have never experienced independence at all and she may view this as a last chance before the expectations of marriage make it impossible.

It occurs to me to add that if your worst fears are realized and you grow apart during this period, or if she finds another, this is a good thing. Better now than to discover it after marriage. Talk about it with her and express your feelings (to a point - insecurity is not attractive). Your post may have been more about how often to call her, or visit her, and that too can only be by mutual agreement. The travel nurse mantra is you can survive anything for 13 weeks, so you will survive as well for 13 weeks apart.


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