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So I am about to take my first travel assignment in florida as an ICU nurse and I am a little unsure on the housing. I am thinking of taking the stipend and there are several availabilities in the area. If you use airbnb or something similar should I reserve the whole 13 weeks up front or just a month at a time? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks


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If using AirBnb and you believe a listing is well suited is the place, I would contact the owner and ask for a three month rate. Chances are that you will pay through AirBnb for the first week, and then direct to owner for the best price.

Friends of mine just booked for three months in Florida. First time AirBnb lister was seriously overpriced for a house that wasn't near the water. He readily agreed to a three month price of around half of his listing.


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I'm travelling to Colorado and love what I have found. In the 80s and 90s when I travelled the company would provide you with housing. I posted on Craigslist to find a nice place within 10 miles of where I will be working.

Personally I would reserve the first month to make sure it is best for you. When you get there locals generally have connections that may work out better. I've run into others that have booked only to be unhappy with people that had screaming children within ears reach on days they were trying to sleep.unless you know for a fact it's good I would book one month at a time.

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There's a discount option built into the Airbnb system when u go to the calendar. Put in your dates ie for a week. Alternatively put in your dates for a month. You will see immediately if there is a discount.

I am a host at Airbnb and have a listing JUST for nurses! They are clean and quiet...thus desirable as a housemate. So first order of business introduce yourself as a nurse in your first contact request to the host!

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Craigslist is still a great option to find housing and it does not cost either party any fees and memberships.