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travel to anchorage


hi, i am a travel nurse and am planning to be in anchorage next summer and am wondering if anyone can suggest hospitals to work in or stay away from? thanks


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There are three civilian and one military general hospitals in Anchorage. There is also a civilian hospital 40 miles north in Palmer. In Anchorage, Providence Alaska Medical Center is the largest hospital in the state and part of the Providence chain. Alaska Regional Hospital is about 3 miles away and is slightly smaller. Both are nice, relatively new facilities in nice parts of town. Each have their advocates and critics, but neither could be considered bad places to work. Alaska Native Medical Center is a public health hospital exclusively for native Americans. It is a magnet facility, teaching hospital and has recently made local news by banning smoking not only inside but also on its entire campus of parking lots, green areas, etc. Elmendorf Air Force Base has a small hospital and I don't know if they use travelers. To the north, Mat-Su Regional is a brand new for-profit hospital in Palmer. It has only been open a year and reputedly has some growing pains. Still, it is a beautiful facility in a nice, small town.

Does the military hospital hire civilian RNs or is it staffed completely with military people?


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The military hospital does employ civilian nurses. I have an RN friend whose in their ICU. His actual employer is the VA.


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I can't really help you since I haven't been in the area since the 2nd grade - but...OT

I was born at Elmendorf in a broom closet (1969) - I was my mom's first and they didn't believe her when she said I was coming. The had run out of rooms and placed her in a broom closet thinking her labor was going to take another several hours.

We lived in Palmer when I was in early elementary school... we lived right across the street from the old hospital. I remember sneeking to look in the windows... The place was sooo small - all the patient rooms were on the ground floor. Maybe that is where my interest in nursing started?

I would love to go back and visit.... it was a great place to grow up.


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