travel agency recommendations for west coast

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Going to be traveling in Nevada and California. Want a recommendation on an agency that maximizes tax free stipends in pay. Any good ones?


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I've worked with American Mobile before who was helpful in maximazing tax-free stipends and they have a lot of contracts on the west coast, specifically Cali (they're based out of San Diego).


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Could you perhaps tell me what an ER Job at Kaiser 36hour/week pay might be like with American mobile?

After er calculating the blended rate, it comes to 44/hr, and that's including the stipend. Doesn't that sound low??? Plus they only offer 40 cents per 250miles which ends up being 100 bucks to get from the east coast to the west cost.


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Bill rates for Southern California are lower than Northern California for Kaiser. So hopefully that is southern if you have included all compensation. What about insurance and housing?

I'm in NorCal right now with Flexcare. They have a lot of California assignments and they give a generous housing stipend plus meals and incidentals.

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I don't think it makes any difference if it's West Coast or East coast. The agencies are national. The Travel Max agent who's been communicating with me is located somewhere in Florida. You never have to meet them face to face. They may as well be in Alaska. Just find some people you like chatting with and you like their offer.


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Do not even breathe your name to American Mobile. You will NOT make any money with them. Flex Care is a reasonably good company to work with. Pay is better, but not best.