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Hello everyone!

I am translating a book on anesthesia and as English is not my native language, I have difficulty understanding some of theterms, and no dictionary has helped much. Could someone help me to understand the following terms, please? ( = OR room ??) 2.charge table (?) 3.running the board (?)

advice for anesthesia provider:

The nurses in a room generally are not on the charge desk or running the board, so questions about why a case is being moved to a certain room are frustrating and nonproductive.

what is meant by "a certain room" the patient is being moved to?

Thanks for your help!


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Since your translating anesthesia book:

Room = OR room

Charge DesK: area of Operating Department which receives information about patients needing surgery, schedules operations, communicates to individual staff assignment to work in particular OR Room along with telling surgeon which room they can have to operate in large facility

"Running the board": Black board or dry erase board hung on the wall in the Operating Department, used to indicate patients scheduled for surgery, if they have arrived in the department, operating surgeon, type surgery being performed. Board information is changed/ erased/ updated when patients leave OR to postoperative area and new cases are assigned.

Refers to using eraser on the board to update/change information and manipulating OR schedule (postponing case to take urgent one instead, moving original time of case sooner or later to accommodate other type of surgery requiring longer operation etc.)

"a certain room" = not scheduled OR room, instead reassigned to "another room"

Sentence means the RN working in individual OR room often does not have the knowledge of why surgery case moved to anther OR room as they are not in charge OR department nor responsible for setting department surgical schedule and frustrating to find person responsible to identify reason why need to move to another OR room.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you very much NRSKarenRN for the first aid! Now everything's clear :)

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our operating room nursing forum has lots of advice/ideas that may help

along with our certified registered nurse anesthetist (crna) forum

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"certain room" in this context means seems to mean "different room" and yes the reference it to an OR room.

It is poor use of written English for them to write "certain room" -- it is largely a colloquial Americanism.

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