Transferring WGU degrees to other schools for Nurse Practitioner programs

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Advice needed...I am about to commit to WGU BSN online program. I am trying to find out any problems or difficulties with transferring the degrees to other schools later on for Nurse Practitioner programs. Any advice and information is greatly appreciated!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Several WGU degree holders have been accepted to NP programs at schools such as the University of South Alabama, Maryville University, Touro University, Chamberlain, and so forth.

A friend that I graduated the ADN program with completed her BSN at WGU (she LOVED it and has nothing but good to say about it) and is now attending the MSN/FNP program at Azusa Pacific University. She just told me that APU accepted everything from WGU but did require her to take a Health Assessment class at Azusa. I've noticed many graduate programs require that you took Pathophys and Health Assessment as part of your undergrad and a LOT of RN to BSN programs do not include specific courses for those requirements. Something to consider and ask the schools that you are interested in attending for your NP program.