Transferring Probation to another state?

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I want to move to California, I am in Utah now on Probation for three years. I've been sober for a year now, will go for annual reveiw soon.

Has anyone had any experiences transferring their probation to another state? How was it and did it work out okay? How soon were you able to work in the state you applied to work in?

Another thought is to write the board a letter telling them why I want to move/how much I've learned about patient safety being number one/etc. and request to terminate my probation early even though I don't know if they will go for a year when I have a three year probationary stipulation. However, what I did was not job related so maybe that will help, it was a DUI...also the fact I have been totally compliant for a year.

Hmm. Just want this to be as painless as possible like everyone else. Please, do share if you share any of these experiences.


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I think you really have to write to the BON and BRN and check that you are allowed to do something like this, they may not allow it, they may say that you need to complete the program/probation first .

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