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transferring license????

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I am a new nurse currently living in Ohio. Right before I started my job, my father passed away. My mother is now all alone here in Ohio (besides me & my siblings)...she is talking about moving to Florida within the year where her entire family lives...I would obviously make the move as well & was wondering if anyone knows how to go about transferring my license & how much it would cost? I don't think I could survive through state boards again!!!!!


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Check w/ the Florida BON. Usually, after passing boards, you can just apply for endorsement (off the top of my head, I have no idea if Florida and/or Ohio are part of the compact states), which can cost up to a couple of hundreds of dollars depending on what state you move to. You will not have to retake boards. They will ask for a copy of your transcript (among other things) to make sure that your schooling meets their requirements. Good luck!!!!!

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Just to clarify a common misconception.

You don't ever transfer a license; you apply for a new one. Once you have completed the endorsement process to FL, you will hold 2 licenses. You must maintain your OH license by renewing it when it comes due, or place it on inactive status.

A very wise nursing instructor once advised us to always keep our original license active, unless it was simply not feasible to do so. Having moved a number of times, I have accumulated 6 licenses. Every time I apply to a new state, I thank my lucky stars that my original license is still active, as it makes the endorsement process much quicker and easier.

Good luck!


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Once you take and pass the NCLEX, you don't have to repeat it. Go to the state BON website where you want to apply for that state's license, print and fill out the forms for endorsement; pay the fee, and be sure to include whatever forms they ask for. Good luck in your move!

I have been licensed in three states. I only keep an active license in the state I am currently working in. Despite this, I have never had a problem with endorsement by the next state. The Nurse Practice Acts in each state have rules that detail the licensure process. Check with the BON for requirements.

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