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Hello everyone,

I am hoping to soon get accepted to crna school. I am looking at Case Western and Univ. of Akron. I was told by Case Western they want me to take a grad level science course. :crying2: Got accepted at Akron, but am not going to interview until next year. I definitely was not ready to interview there based on what I heard the interview consists of. Anyways, I am going to take the grad level science course at Akron starting in Jan., but want to take another pre-req course there and if I go the Case Western route, want to make sure I can transfer credits. Was going to take stats, but not offered. Any other course I should take that will probably transfer to Case if I get accepted there??:confused:

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What do you mean by transfer? You will probably have to take all their courses that are in the CRNA degree program. If you are talking about other undergrad classes then probably yes, but either way check with Case.

I think you're saying that you intend to take a grad level science course at Akron and hope it transfers to Case Western? The only folks who would have a definitive answer would be Case Western. I'd look at what the CRNA program at Case Western requires, and see if there's a course at Akron that matches it.....then show that course to Case Western and ask if it would transfer.

The other thing I found interesting is that you're thinking of taking a statistics course for a grad level science course? I've head of Stat's being a math class and a Psych class....but not a science class.


No, no. I am taking a grad level science course to satisfy a requirement for the CRNA program interview at Case Western. Once I take that course, I will then submit my GPA to Case. I was considering also taking a stats course at Akron at the same time, knowing that I will have to at Case if I get into their program. This was my intent and then to transfer the Stats credit to Case. But, since the stats course that is usually taken by 'pre-CRNA' students at Univ. of Akron is not offered in the Spring, I was wondering if anyone out there had any advice. I KNOW this is confusing!

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