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I'm currently in New York but will be moving to Pennsylvania soon. I needed to find out how to transfer my cna certificate to Pennsylvania. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I hope that this helps but your city should have a local website for ex: for me its type in Nurse Aide, and t should be all kinds of info on training, transferring, could be different but its worth a try =)


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From what I have read here at allnurses and a few of the states' websites, you do not transfer a CNA certificate (license) from one state to another. You would keep your current state's CNA license until it expires. Some states will give you a CNA license by Reciprocity, other states will not.

Went to google and searched for "Pennsylvania nursing assistant" and found -

> Pennsylvania Department of Health, Nurse Aide Registry

> Nurse Aide Registry

> The Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook

"Eligibility by Reciprocity

If you are a nurse aide currently listed on another state's nurse aide (or equivalent) registry as active and in good standing (according to federal nursing home nurse aide statutes), and you are seeking enrollment on the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry, you should contact Pearson VUE at the address listed on the inside front cover of this handbook for a Reciprocity Application. Note: Consistent with 42 CFR 483.75(e)(2), nursing home administrations may employ a non-registered individual as a nurse aide for up to 120 days while the individual works to achieve registration in PA either through the nurse aide training and testing program, or by way of reciprocity from another state."

(I know a CNA that works in two states, and keeps both licenses active.)


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