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So I am in the process of relocating from Texas to Mississippi and it is time for my license to be renewed. Do I go ahead and let Texas BON know my PSOR has changed to Mississippi then apply for License by Endorsement in Mississippi? Or is there another way I should go about the process of renewing my license? Sorry I'm new to this and don't want to delay my license being renewed. If anyone can help or give any advice that would be great! Thanks.


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The process of endorsing your license from one enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) to another is rather easy. When you relocate to the new eNLC state and apply for licensure, you can work on your previous state's license while your application is being processed. When you receive your new state's license, your previous license is then placed on inactive status.

Whether you apply for renewal in Texas depends on where your legal residence is the day that you submit your application. If you have completed your relocation to, and are currently a legal residence of Mississippi, then you should apply for licensure by endorsement in Mississippi. If you are you still in the process of relocating, and still maintain legal residency in Texas, you should apply for license renew there.

Best wishes with the relocation process.

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I moved from Iowa to Texas a year ago. My Iowa license was due to expire the end of the month I moved. Since we had already purchased our home in Texas, I went ahead and applied to Texas. I did this about a month out from moving.

If you don't have a legal address in the state you are moving to, then you would have to go ahead and renew in Texas.