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I have had a horrible nursing school experience and some extreme hurdles to get approved to be able to take my boards, however I took my boards AND PASSED :) The big hurdle now is to transfer my Virginia license to a California one. Typically this shouldn't be a hurdle but because I have a misdemeanor it will be. My big Problem I face currently is that the state of Virginia found me guilty of fraud while filling out the application to test due to my answering no to the question of do I have any mental health illnesses. I answered no because my anxiety which I have had for years is stable and I have always answered no but the deputy said I should have answered yes and with that being said a license that I haven't even received in the mail yet or practiced on has a mark on it for fraud. I feel.overwhelmed by this because I didn't lie intentionally. I told the truth and wrote statements and did everything as asked so why would I lie asked bout something as simple as that. Simply....I wouldn't. The deputy is stating that I could have requested A hearing but it wasn't written that simply.

Is there anything I can do? Will that marking transfer to my VA license if VA approves me to transfer?


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Might want to talk to a lawyer if you don't feel a fraud charge won't complicate things for you.


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Well its listed as one of three things fraud unable to practice safely or omission of info on application.

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How did the BON find out you had omitted this information?

i agree that you need to consult an attorney about this?

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We can't offer legal advice...which IMO is what you need right now. You can find a listing of lawyers versed in nursing matters and dealing with BONs here:

TAANA Executive Office - Home

Also find out what the CA BRN wants from you regarding this. Should the CA BRN want you to appear in from of them about this, definitely get that lawyer involved as the BON is not the nurse's friend.

Best of luck.