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Hi friends!

This is just an early pipe dream at the moment, but I am considering the possibility of trying to transfer out of my current RN program in NJ to a program in LA in california.

My current program is a hospital based school, where you can get your RN diploma in 2 years (I already have a bachelors degree in an unrelated nursing field so I am not eligible for the Associates degree my school offers.) I have completed exactly one year of school- we had a semester of fundies, pediatrics, labor and delivery, and mental health. I am missing all of the adult health semesters.

Are there any schools without wait lists that someone would know of that has a 2 year program comparable to my current school in or near LA? If so, do you know anything about their transfer policies?

Thanks for the info!!:heartbeat


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Well I don't believe I know of any diploma programs in california, and I can tell you straight up that every program here essentially has a waitlist.


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Thanks Nicki!

does anybody else know of a different story?


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Seriously, every school in California has a 2-3 year waitlist. I wouldn't waste my time. I am a CA resident and I moved out of state for an ADN program in Florida, I honestly looked at every single school in Cali because I did not want to move, but had not choice because I don't have 2-3 (more like 3) extra years. Don't waste your time in California - no jobs, going bankrupt and waitlists up the wazoo.

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