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transfering to miami dade

hello all,

I currently live in California, due to my husband being in the military. long story short, we are moving back to Florida next year in may. The CC that I am currently attending requires more prerequisites than Miami dade does and by the time I transfer I will have most of those finished. My first question is, is there anyone who transferred to Miami dade from another CC? IF so, how many of your units transferred over? I do not want to transfer and have to start all over. I looked at the requirements and Im hoping that they will except my classes. my next question is for the A&P classes. at my school we only have to take anatomy which consist of lecture and lab, then we have to take physiology which also consists of lecture and lab, these are to separate courses. At Miami dade, they require A&P 1 and 2 with labs. do you think I will have to retake those classes because they require more?

I called the advisement office but the woman told me I had to come in person to see if my classes transfer over. I clearly told her that I was all the way in California but she still insisted. thanks in advance.

I had a degree in biology and still had to take AP1 & 2 in order to get into their nursing program. They accepted my credits from Florida Int'l Univ., but still made me take a bunch of classes to meet requirements for the specific program I wanted to get in to. They transferred most though. Good luck. Some more info might help. Is there a specific program you want to get in to? Or is it just an AA degree?

hello, thank you for replying. I am going for my ADN, I am glad to hear that they accepted your classes. what classes did they make you take? and did you already take A&P for your biology degree? thank you.

I took anatomy and physiology separately. The classes I took were actually more advanced than the classes they made me take. I also had to take the intro to Healthcare class they require and some developmental psychology class that was a joke. I start on the 25th the accelerated ADN Nursing program.

Really? When I called the advisory office the woman told me that psychology was not a requirement for the ADN class.

DEP2000 is the class.


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