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Transfer to USA help

by Nearlyanurse Nearlyanurse (New) New

Can someone please explain this process and how it would work...

I am to graduate soon and complete a new grad year in one country (my instance; newzealand) and then would like to transfer to the USA to nurse. My partner lives and works there with a green card. We are not married yet.

Could I ever nurse in the USA? How would I go about this? And how long would this process take?


Silverdragon102, BSN

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Starting point would be once you graduate apply to the state you plan on living and working in and meet their requirements for International trained. Are you planning on marrying your boyfriend? If you are that is probably the easiest route to getting green card as you will get your based on marriage. If not then you need to find employer willing to go the immigrant route and they apply and you wait until it is current and you go through interview and get your own green card

There is no such thing as transfer... you have to go through a process and meet requirements and pass NCLEX before you will get a state license in the US

HI there, you would want to complete a CES evaluation through CGFNS, you may want to review the requirements for the board of the State you are looking to apply first, you could possibly be lacking some hours in OB/Peds.

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There are plenty of threads here about the same subject. Google CGFNS, and NCLEX, get ahold of your transcript and then make a start. It also depends which state you intend to live in, its a lot easier for foreign nurses in some states than others.

Easiest CA, VT, FL TX, you might need to apply through one of them and then transfer to another state.

And btw you cannot get your NCLEX/RN without a SSN, so be sure to work on that at the same time.

Hi Nearlyanurse,

Just wondering how you got on. Did you complete your BSN in New Zealand or somewhere else? I am searching for people who have had their transcript evaluated by CGFNS, lack courses, and then have taken them somewhere in the US. Please update us; all info appreciated.