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I started a new job at supposedly great hospital. It has a great reputation and also paying for my grad school (yaay). I am a float nurse and go to all floors. There is one floor where nurses are absolutely awesome and also type of nursing that I am specializing in. The rest of the floors absolutely toxic. I am always the first to admit, always one pt more than everyone else, always bed bound patients (all of them). Every single time. Then the next shift is always scoffing and puffing if I missed to do something (new and not familiar with all their policies, plus sometimes there is not enough time to do it all). Also they are just generally toxic people. 
I want to transfer (the floor I love is not hiring now) but I want to transfer to another hospital within the same organization (plus it is way closer to my home).

Can I do this while on probationary period (which is six months)?

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This depends 100% on the organizations policies. They should be readily available to you that you can look up their transfer policy. 

There is nothing about transferring during probationary period.

Direct your question to HR. Good luck... float nursing is tough.


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