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I need help deciding on whether or not it is a good idea to transfer to a community college from a university. The reason I am considering transferring to a community college is the nursing program there. I could attend the university's nursing program, but I have been feeling homesick lately. Last year, my mother had health problems and I was not there to help her out when she needed it. My older sister is there to help, but I understand she can't always be allowed to get off of work to help our mom who fainted while being at work. I feel like I need to be there at home to watch over my mom while attending school instead of attending a university an hour and a half away. I do want to get my BSN, but I am not in any rush to get a Bachelors. I do not mind getting an Associate's Degree and transferring in my last semester to a university that accepts students from the community college's nursing program. If I were to stick it out for one year at the university and then transfer to the community college, then I would have to take the Anatomy courses at that community college- I can't take the Anatomy course at the university I am at. That is why I am considering transferring in the middle of the year to take Biology, Anatomy 1,English Comp 2, and humanities course for next semester. What do you guys think?

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So you want to do fall semester at the university and then transfer to the community college for the spring? Is that right? Every school is different but I know that the community colleges in my state are easy to start up in the middle of the year. You best bet is to call the school you are interested in and start the admission process, see what classes that you can transfer, and what classes you will need before applying to the nursing program.

Be aware that depending on deadlines and prerequisites it may take you three to four years to complete the associate degree in nursing at the community college and probably the same amount of time to get your bsn at the school you are already at.


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Yes, I am considering to stay at the university in the Fall and transfer to a community college in the spring semester. I have already called community college about how the transfer will be like ( documents needed, financial aid information needed, etc. ) There is another university in my hometown, but if I were to transfer to the community college for their nursing school then I would need to take anatomy classes at the community college for it to count. I think it will take me 3-4 years too, but I feel like I still have motivation to keep me going for nursing.