Transfer from Med-surg to MICU or L&D?

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Hello All,

I have been a nurse for over 12 yrs (first 10.5 yrs in homecare and home infusion and 1.5 yrs in med -surg).  I know med surg is not for me.  I know some love med-surg, but honestly I feel like im more of a personal care assistant/ fall prevention specialist than a clinician.  I've lost my drive to learn and feel like there is no real opportunity to learn and grow on this particular unit.  That being said I've been looking for transfer opportunities within my organization.  I've been offerred a MICU position which I am excited about as it is an opportunity to focus on my patients, learn new skills and become proficient in life saving and assessment skills.  I also have an interview with L&D next week.  If Im offerred the L&D I will be truly torn.  I've always loved midwifery and L&D.  No longer want to be a midwife, but would like the opportunity to work in L&D.  Should I take the ICU position and potentially switch later to L&D or should I go to L&D? Im afraid id be passing an opportunity with the ICU position as it would be out of my comfort zone but would push me as a clinician, which I would enjoy, whereas L&D would probably be more up my ally.  So torn.  These are both night positions. Any words of advice would be appreciated.  

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You are the only one who will know which one would be best for you and what your interests are. Best of luck in your decision!

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I would go for the L&D position. 🙂 It sounds like it’s more what you want. Plus, I think it’s better to go straight into what you want rather than going to something else and transferring later. Best wishes with what you ultimately decide!