Transcripts from Closed Schools in Texas

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I am going to Level 3 of the ADN program for my school. However, they are requesting two transcripts from schools that are no longer in business. I attended these schools as far as 1993 and 2005. None of the credits are transferable. I am not sure what to do because, my school is not approving my financial aid until they get these transcripts that I cannot obtain. Both of the institutions have been closed for years. In fact, one of them has a lawsuit against them. Has anyone had trouble in getting transcripts from Closed institutions in Texas or just period? If so, what resources did you use to obtain your transcripts?

Have you visited the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Student Academic Record or Transcript Requests site?

Yes, I have emailed and paid for the services. Im thinking its because its been about thirty years for one and the other one is about twenty years old. I'm afraid this may stop me from moving on to next semester. Time will tell 

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