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Transcription Error Paper MAR

Medications   (1,743 Views 3 Comments)
by Glycerine82 Glycerine82, LPN (Member) Nurse

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Who gets the med error when a med is transcribed incorrectly on a paper MAR, the person who transcribed the med or the person who verified the meds were correct? Both?

Also - when meds are transcribed onto the paper MAR, is someone supposed to check the meds after the fact?

I recently moved to a facility (LTC) that has paper MARs and TARs and I'm super confused. I incorrectly transcribed a medication and was subsequently presented with a med error form to sign, which I owned and signed. I asked my ADON at that time who checks behind me when I transcribe meds for a new admission and she said no one, which I thought was odd but what do I know, I'm used to EMAR.

Fast forward to yesterday, a nurse found a med error transcription for a drug that was supposed to be given every other day but was written for every day, without every other day blocked out.

The unit manager is the one who transcribed the med and she is giving the med error to the nurse who came in after her because "it's her job to verify the meds and block out the days". I find this bogus.

I also find it bogus that the hard copy page that serves as a chart copy is missing.

I'm curious for my own information how it generally works, and also I'm really thinking this unit manager is quite shady.

This isn't the only time she's made an error like this, and the last one resulted in actual patient harm. Before anyone knew what happened it was swept under the rug.

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Sweeping under the rug often happens, especially when it involves "certain" people. Best to take the time to verify a new entry before administration, although that takes time. That will cut down on the instances where you get zinged in an error.

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sigh, when I arrived for an 11-7 shift it was a duty to do chart checks, you pulled every single chart and looked for the days new orders and due tasks seeing that they were being carried out. this saved errors from happening, not perfect but a great help.

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