Transcript question for reciprocity


I am starting the process for RN reciprocity in California. I have done live scan fingerprinting and now want to get the transcripts done.

My question is does the form found on the website for transcript request need to be completed? I can request transcripts from my schools online and have them sent directly to the board. I am several hours away from the nursing school I graduated from though if it is required for the form to be completed by the school registrar.

I tried calling the board of registered nursing, but of course cannot get through to anyone

Thanks for your help!

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BONs want the transcripts sent by the school for confidential reason (tampering, etc...). If you're licensed your BON should have them and send them with initial endorsement (my state does it that way). I don't know why everyone gets excited about this. You should have graduated from an accredited school and have passed, that's all your transcripts are going to show (and your grades and classes). All BONs want your secured official transcripts. First when you apply for licensure and than whenever you move your license with the verification process.


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I sent the BRN transcript form to every school I needed transcripts from. I lived close to one school so was able to just drop it off. I was too far away from the other two, so I called to tell them about the form that needed to go with my transcript. One school had the transcript ordering process completely online where you upload anything that needs to go with your transcript as an attachment to your transcript request. The other school had me email the form to the registrar's email.

I'd say explain your situation to whichever office is handling your transcript request, and they'll tell you what they want you to do.

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