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I keep reading about the nursing shortage and all of the unemployed and homeless people out there. Maybe it would make a dent in these problems to provide training to the homeless and unemployed and send them to nursing school. It's a nice, easy job and the skills needed don't require much intellect.:D Heck, all they need to do is greet arriving Veterans as they and tell them to get off the stretcher and sit in a wheelchair.:(

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Hey Mods. How about suspending this account already. The people who use this board for more positive purposes shouldn't have to be assaulted by such vitriol. Thanks.


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Hey doglover,

Instead of blaming everyone else, what have you done for your mother? Are these guilt feelings of not doing enough for her showing it's true colors on this board? I think you may need to do more for her other than blaming others.

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I wonder what his mother the nurse would say about her care and what he is writing........


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This is all I have to say in response...


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