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Hiya every 1 i am new to this and would like a bit of advise on how to start nursing.

Thankyou :)


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Would you mind narrowing actually what advice you're looking for?? Are you wanting adivce on where to go to school, or what exactly?

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Janey -- Try doing a search here on any topic of interest.

Lots of good stuff to learn from!


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Well, for starters, you are certainly in the right place. is a great resource. I recommend doing what I initially did, that is just browse the forums and the threads. Often if you have a question, someone else has already asked it and there may even be pages of messages regarding it.

Another good beginner resource is Johnson & Johnson's Discover Nursing website.

Locally, you can look for technical schools, community colleges, and universities and look into the nursing programs. They range from LPN to associates and bachelors degrees (which lead to RN).

Good luck!

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