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I've got questions and need some advice/information. I'm an RN who hasn't worked in a hospital in years. Present job involves lots of paperwork, and has become pretty boring. Decided I'd like to train to work in the OR. Have been in touch with a recruiter who says there are Internships out there and she is searching for some info. But..... as I would have to relocate (and need to keep my house here) don't have money to move without some relocation assistance as well. Do you think I stand a chance of finding a hospital that will give me both relocation assistance and training??

Also, are there any nurses out there who have made the change back to hospital nursing after years of sitting at a desk?? and how did you find it? Realize that I now have very possibly the easiest nursing job in the universe, but, after 4 years, desperately need a change.

Appreciate all thoughts and comments on this idea :rolleyes:

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Why do you need to relocate? You are going to have problems trying to find a positiobn that will train you and pay for relocation, as well as pay the recruiter fees. Three out of three is too much to expect anyone to pay.

Two you could stand a chance, but why aren't you looking your self?


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Wow!! just to show you how dumb I am - never thought about recruiter fees!!! Should I just contact hospitals that offer OR Internships and ask about things? I need to relocate because in the dinky town I live in the local hospitals don't even know what an Internship is. One told me I could learn OR nursing at the Community College. Didn't help to explain, so I finally gave up.

Thanks for pointing out about the fees :)


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It has been my experience that to train in OR most hospitals require some recent critical care experience first.

I would suggest that you get a job on a surgical floor of your local hospital. Then after perhaps move into on at least an occasional basis surgical ICU, or ER, or a general ICU or CCU. Something where you could at leas show some current critical care experience.

Since you have been away from all patient care for a while it is a lot to expect to walk into a OR training program.

Since you are open to relocation check around with various universities and with teaching hospitals to see what their requirements are for applicants to enter an OR internship.

Keep in mind this will be a big change in term of physical challenge for you. As an example sitting at a desk and then going to standing all day doing physical tasks.

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