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Training in one state, working in another


My plan is to go to school for my ADN in Florida and then relocate back to NY when I finish. Has anyone gone to one state for school and as a new grad relocated to another? It is amazing the difference in salaries and although the cost of living is a little less here in Florida, it's not that much less.

I am planning on moving to another state after I get some experience under my belt. I believe your best bet would be to take the NCLEX exam in Florida and then apply for endorsement in New York. Unless the New York board of nursing is going to accept your ADN program coursework, and allow you to take the NCLEX in New York. I hope this information will help a little.

catlady, BSN, RN

Has 21 years experience.

Yes, I went to nursing school in Pennsylvania, sat for the PA NCLEX, and immediately moved to North Carolina, where I actually received my licensure by endorsement *before* I received my license by examination. I won't go into why I couldn't take the exam in NC, but trust me, it would have been much easier. Take your boards where you're going to be working.

Thank you catlady. As I figure that I will have at least 3 years before I can move back (I'm doing pre-req classes now, and then two years for the Nursing program), I may even stay one additional year to get some practical experience before relocating.

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