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I've had six shifts training, my last three, I've been pulled to work as a CNA. I don't mind working the floor as a aide, that's not my gripe. My point is that I can't get any training because they keep pulling me. I'm in orientation, so technically, I don't count anyway, so why pull me as a CNA? There are four other new nurses who get to train, why me? Three shifts in a row? I've written a letter to the DON. I'm thinking of giving it to her. Not complaining, just questioning why. Thoughts? I've have five years experience as a CNA also, but a month of CNA at the current job.

Just to clarify, you are showing up to work for an orientation shift and being pulled to the floor to work as a CNA instead? You were hired as an LPN?

I was hired as a CNA, until I got my LPN. I received my provisional license on April 3. Took and passed boards on Wednesday April 23. I've been scheduled to work as an LPN. I show up for work, to train as a nurse, only to be pulled to work as a CNA.

Obviously a staffing issue. Is everyone aware that you have in fact received your license? I'm not really sure what else it could be, but it doesn't make sense. It's not like they could pull a CNA to work as an LPN.

Have you asked the charge nurse why? I would do that before you submit a letter to the DON.

That used to be done at my old job, especially with one new LPN that had worked at the facility as a CNA for quite some time, she was always being pulled to work as a CNA. The kicker was that there were two nurse techs who refused to work as a CNA (they had initially been hired as CNAs) and they would pull the LICENSED nurse to work as a CNA before either of these two techs!! And actually one of the techs walked out when they tried to pull her to work as a CNA!!

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