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I am currently on a course to gain my RMN qualification. After my training im looking in to moving to florida to continue further training. Is this difficult to do? Would you recomend me finding a job as an RMN across there befor furthering my qualification?

Any comments would be very much appreciated, Thank you!

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What sort of training are you looking for? The problem really is RMN isn't generally accepted in the US and if you are planning on working you will find it hard. Plus what sort of visa are you looking at as that will have an impact on how you support yourself?


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you may want to look in the international nurses forum for you answer.

unless you have completed a program of general rn training (and received your cgfns certificate and passed the nclex-rn exam, which examines the range of nursing client needs questions on management of care, safety and infection control, pharmacological and parenteral therapies, etc., and become licensed as an rn), you will not be able to work as an rn in psychiatry or in any other nursing specialty in the usa.

the problem is that the united states, unlike some commonwealth nations' jurisdictions (e.g., some canadian provinces), does not have registered mental nurses (also known as registered psychiatric nurses). for more information on mental health services in the usa, see the substance abuse & mental health services administration's national mental health information center.

good luck

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