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:kiss Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this with you.

Last month, I quit my job of 13 years so that I could have a month off, with my kids before starting school full time in September.

I was deeply touched by the outpouring of support from my coworkers. These people have stood beside me during many trying and happy times over the years.

When I left, my team gave me a beautiful suncatcher and a card. Last Thursday night they took me out to eat and presented me with a card with a "love offering" inside. The card and the money was from the entire floor that I worked on. I was deeply touched. Yes, the money was a wonderful surprise, but what really got me was the beautiful heartfelt messages that were written inside of the card. People wrote about ways that I had touched their lives along with their good wishes for my future.

The company I worked for was less than an ideal company, but the people I worked with are the greatest.



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That's wonderful that you have touched the lives of many people. Sounds like you're going to be a wonderful R.N.



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That's wonderful! Sometimes kindness shows up in the most unexpected places!!!

manna, BSN, RN

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How nice! Sounds like you'll surely be missed! :)

My office is like that too - not the greatest benefits, etc - but the people I work with, OMG - you couldn't ask for a better, nicer bunch of coworkers. I know if/when I ever do get to quit, I'm going to miss these guys terribly. :)

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