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Total cost in Applying for licensure as RN by exam


Application for Licensure RN by EXAMINATION

Application fee -- $ 75.00

1 fingerprint card -- $ 32.00

total = $107.00

Do I need to pay that amount immediately along with my application form and finger print card?

Will my USC husband be allowed to pay the fees using his money order/personal checks?

Registration fee at pearsonvue.com cost $200?

Sum is $307?? :no:

Im kinda confused pls clarify about this matter

ghillbert, MSN, NP

Specializes in CTICU. Has 20 years experience.

Which state are you applying to?

Please take the time to do some reading here, as going for licensure in CA is not going to be the thing to do since you are looking at five years for a chance at a green card, and the passing letter is only valid for three years.

Testing out of the US is also an additional $150 US bringing the fee total just for the exam to $350, not the $200.

As I stated on my pm to you last time CA is my personal choice inspite the fact that there is a retrogression nursing in US since I am Immigrant Visa holder with SSN# I don`t see any dilemma on that. also I don`t think I need extra 150 bucks because my testing exam will be held in CA.

Suzanne4 Again thank you for you thought!

To my fellow kababayan who had been gone through with the process, Do I need to pay finger print and application fee along w/ my application and finger print card at the same time? Can my USC husband pay my examination fees using his personal checks or in money order?

If you are in the US, then just use the LiveScan or wait until you can do that. Much faster to get approval to sit for the exam that way, as the fingerprints get processed much faster.

Sorry, but I do not remember the immigration status of all that post here, and for others that are reading this, always have to put that in.

The website for CA actually includes a list of all that is needed. Whatever they request should be submitted at the same time and with payment included for that as well. And they do not accept personal checks, recommend money order to play it safe.

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