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I'm currently still a student, finishing my Oac's, and very excited to take nursing next year in university.

I just have a couple questions for those who work in T.O sick kids, or whoever else works with children.

What's the avg pay for a RN in T.O Sick kids?

Also, what's the demand for nurses in that hospital?

My aunts a RN, she loves her job and gave me inspiration in this field and I honeslty am looking forward to it. I know I have alot of work ahead of me, but I'm anxious to start :)

Thanks for any information!



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RN pay at sick kids ranges from $21.01/hour to $31.43/hour

The website is

It is expected there will continue to be a worldwide shortage of nurses for the next 15yrs. So chances are, there will be all kinds of job offers when you graduate.

Good luck with your studies!


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Hi there,

Sick Kids (Toronto) currently pays about $22/hr base pay for new grads and they are very under staffed at the moment. They also have a nursing extern position that you can apply for at the end of your 3rd year. Sick Kids will also pay for your final year in school if your willing to commit for a couple years.

The hospital is state of the art and a leader in almost every repect. You will find nurses that love working there and those that do not, but that is the case in every hospital. The patient:nurse ratio is very good and there is a lot of opportunty for advancement.

Also they really promote furthering your education and almost every nurse I know there is working on thier BScN, Masters or even PhD.

Keep in mind that HSC is also non-unionized and this maybe a concern for you, though most nurses here do not think so.

Finally as in every hospital politics rules and nurses have to sometimes shovel the $hit.

Hope this helps, I have loved my time here and could not think of doing adult nursing again (unless it's ER) lol.



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I would greatly recommend that you start looking for a position at HSC as a ward clerk, PSA or cleaner anything that make you an internal applicant. While you will probably get a nursing position reguardless it helps as you will get a feeling for the hospital.

they pay very well and it make your life easier as you will not have to work as many hour/wk as you would at some other jobs.


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My cousin's daughter goes to sick kids every 4 months from Saskatchewan and she can't say enough about the facilities or the staff. It sounds like a place where nurses actually have the time to comfort their patients and make a real difference in a sick child's life.

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