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I have to do a paper/presentation on TORCH syndrome in newborns. My school's library access kind of sucks and I'm having trouble locating an article from a nursing journal. I've found a handful of articles, but they're not particularly useful. The 15 or so articles I've saved are very old (1970s), or from somewhere like Israel or Africa, or are too specific about a tiny aspect of it (like antibodies in the serum tests), and they're all medical, not nursing. I can't find anything from a nursing journal that I have full-text access to. If anyone has the time to take a look and possibly send me a pdf (PM me for my email) I'd really appreciate it.

I'm usually quite good at research, so this has been frustrating for me. I've gathered enough information to write the paper - I just need a nursing article to cite and reference. My paper can only be a max of 4 pages, so I'm trying to avoid pulling out each infection and addressing them separately. I'm wondering if "TORCH" is a term that's not used very often because it's not mentioned at all in my maternal/child text and there's just a very short blurb about it in the Saunders NCLEX review.

Thanks for any help!

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Have you limited yourself to just the term "TORCH" or have you tried searching for the individual diseases with the TORCH category? As each disease is a different, researchers and authors might might be publishing material on them separately rather than discussing them as a group. Those articles on the specific diseases would probably link them to the TORCH syndrome (and might include a good article on the whole group in their reference list.)


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Thanks for the suggestion... I can find stuff but I can't access it. If it comes to it, I will break it down by each infection but I'd really like to avoid it! This is only supposed to be a short paper.

If anyone can retrieve any of the following articles and email the pdfs to me, I'd very much appreciate it. They look promising but I don't have access to the full text and can only see the title and the abstract for one of them.

Update on TORCH infections in the newborn infant. Boyer SG; Boyer KM; Newborn & Infant Nursing Reviews, 2004 Mar; 4 (1): 70-80

Breaking the cycle of infection: TORCH and other infections in women's health. Kriebs JM; Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 2008 May-Jun; 53 (3): 173-4

TORCH infections... mother and fetus. Devore NE; Jackson VM; Piening SL; American Journal of Nursing, 1983 Dec; 83 (12): 1660-5

TORCH: a literature review and implications for practice. Haggerty L; JOGNN: Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 1985 Mar-Apr; 14 (2): 124-9


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I was able to access some of these and sent these to you as PDF files. Hope this helps.


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:monkeydance: thank you sooooo much!!!! that helped tremendously. it's double monkey dance time! :monkeydance:


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:yelclap:op, i dunno squat about torch and i couldn't access those articles either, but i want to commend you (and hold you up as an :balloons:exemplar:balloons:) for your approach. you had obviously put some work into preparing your assignment, you had very specific questions, you identified the resources you needed but needed help in accessing them, and (and this also makes you unusual) you thanked the person who went out of her way to help you.:w00t:

students, take note!


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Hey, I am in the same boat. Did your paper have to be in APIE format? I have to write a paper in APIE format on newborns:TORCH