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Top 3 Time Management Tips


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Hey everyone!

What are your top three Time Management Tips?

I discovered on here plenty of people having some free time while in school. Teach me!! *hehe

Do you study during lunch break?

Do you read chapters in 2 days or have a day-to-day schedule?

Do you start initially studying during lecture?


I recommend having a really good planner. I write in everything for the entire semester, that way I can look quickly to see when I have an exam coming up so I know not to make any plans for that weekend, etc.

As far as reading, I break it down into chunks. If I need to read 140 pages between one week's lecture and the next, I break it down into approximately even amounts each night, so I'd set a goal of 20 pages per night, and not let myself give up until I get that done. If I know there's a night where I won't be doing much studying because my daughter has a school function, etc, then I know I need to divide that extra 20 pages up between the other nights of that week.