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Does anyone know any really good facilities to work as an RN, are they employee oriented, good benefits, ANY GOOD FRINGE BENEFITS!:eek: :roll


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check out "magnet hospitals" in your area:

the "magnet program" elevates the reputation and standards of the nursing profession.

"(the magnet recognition program) is designed so that an organization, large or small, can meet the standards and gain recognition at a national level. most importantly, the designation is supportive of nursing, the nursing profession, and how nursing plays such a large part in patient care."

--toni fiore, vice president for patient care and chief nursing officer, hackensack university medical center, hackensack, nj

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I work at a magnet hospital....Aurora in Wisconsin. I like it. Good benefits, etc. I'm satisfied with the wage scale. But, who likes winter? :p


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I like my hospital, but it's in Fla.


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I see the Magnet hasn't made it to the great northern WI area. The only hospitals they have are Milwaukee and Madison. No Marshfield or Eau Claire....hmmm.....

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