Top 5 experiences this semester


Hey everyone, I am half way done :)

Here are my top 5 experiences of this semester..

what are yours?

1. I have ineffective coping mechanisms r/t stress d/t nursing school.

(don't worry I have a care plan initiated)

2. what it feels like to be there when a patient passes on.

3. How good it feels to start your first IV on a real tough patient and get it in on the first try.

4. How to be a compassionate nurse.

5. How thankful I am to be healthy.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Hey, I thought I was the only one who spoke in dx format......

1. Stressing till the last minute over passing a class.

2. Learning how effective I am as a classmate/friend for most of my classmates.

3. Learning how sad it can be to give the last bath, but when you do it as a group, how important it is to be a role model.

4. Having at least one patient tell me every week "You'll make a great nurse, you take the time to listen."

5. Having nurses seek me out on the floor to tell me about assignments from last week and how the patients wanted to know how to thank that nice staff nurse!!!!

6(personal). Knowing that I must be doing something right....nurses seek me out for problem patients and know what they ask gets done while I'm on duty.....

you'll have more...keep it up!


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1. Having nurses come get me to listen to cool stuff on other pts.

2. Learning to give IV meds.

3. Being told how great I will be when I become an RN.

4. Continually learning how to improve my assessment skills (neuro specifics).

5. Having Christmas vacation.

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