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Top 8 Captions - Select winning caption in our New Year Nursing Caption Contest

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Select the best caption for the cartoon above..

  1. 1. Select the best caption for the cartoon above..

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      Shock to the heart, and you're to blame, you give love a bad name...
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      And you can take Gangnam Style with you while we're at it.
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      Time to do the Defillibrator New Year Macarena!
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      Talk about a shocking experience. What a way to end the year.
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      For how much longer should I keep trying to resuscitate this guy??
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      Finally, he can retire! I knew my nursing degree would come in handy!
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      "Before I go... The money to pay off your student loans is hidden in the..." - Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep
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      Yet another practical joke pulled on a new grad - 2013 was sent to respond to a code in the morgue...

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All captions can be found at Win CASH! New Year Nursing Caption Contest - $100

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and the winner is llerou1 ... the cartoon may be viewed at Paying off student loans - Cartoon Contest Winner

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Liddle Noodnik

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Option one - too funny, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking of before I saw the choices!!! (and I am going to have that song in my head all day, sigh...)

option 1 have some humor.

Nurse_Rae, BSN, RN

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3 !!!! Please ?