Took nclex today

Nursing Students NCLEX


So, I took the nclex today. Not sure how I did, just like everyone else. I haven't heard of anyone walking out confident they passed. I did relatively well in nsg school. I did hurst review last year. I did hesi review at the end of nsg school this year. I got a 980 on hesi. I was told we only had two hours for the hesi, so i was rushing and didn't get to think too much. I did uworld questions with a 78% on the readiness test which says it equates to a 91 percentile which is a high pass rate. I also did kaplan with most scores in the 60's. Readiness test i got a 73%. On the sata section of kaplan, i got 32%. So, wouldn't you know my nclex test was as least 30% sata questions. I got quite a few tb questions, priority questions, and maybe 8 or so simple knowledge questions. Test shut off at 85 questions. I will know in 48 hours.

Did you try the PVT trick yet?

Haven't tries the pvt yet since there are so many mixed responses.

It worked for me. Gave me a little piece of mind.

It also worked for me. I took NCLEX 07/21/2018 found out I passed today.

I found out today I passed!! So glad that is done!!

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