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Took NCLEX today...

by blinnk blinnk (New) New

So, I feel exactly how I thought I was going to feel - sick, nervous and uncertain about the entire test. As I sat down to take the exam I prayed that the computer would shut off at 75 but of course it just kept going. I hit around 111 and knew the answer and it shut off. I know, I know, the last answer doesnt matter but if that last question got me above the gray area, I'll be super satisfied. I have a lot of priority, meds and also several select alls. I had one exhibit question that wasn't bad. However, the whole time, the exam makes you feel so uncertain about your choice. I studied very hard and now am a wreck waiting. I have work tomorrow which also makes it worse.

Trying to decipher levels of questions is pointless because if you know something, you know it and you arent going to be able to figure out if it is a higher order question so of course you feel clueless for 2 days.

Anyone know if quick results come in faster than 48 hours ever?? This sucks.

I knew I'd feel like this but I am wiped out.

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I know what you are going through. I took the NCLEX-PN today. I thought that 75 was the magic number. I was feeling good until number 76, then 77, then 78, etc. Finally it hit me - 85 is what I was shooting for!! Anyway, the uncertainty sucks and there is no way to gauge how you feel. I got a lot of infection control questions which - even though they should have been easy - threw me off. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted.


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