Took nclex for 6th time! Got 265! Help


Hi guys!

I have pushed my good friend to take hers before me. we studied u world for straight 2 months she passed with 75 questions. I have failed 265 I did a trick after my exam today.

I have never gotten 265 I studied u world and my average scores were 70-80's

I have done Hurst, Kaplan before and PDA.

I was answering the questions i was confident with so many topics and familiar with them.

I don't know I felt I was strong in contents but strategies i could be weak on.

i have about 80 questions SATA??!! Topics about everything OB, Peds, management, conference questions, psych, meds, calculation, position, procedures.. I felt all questions were above level passing.

Any idea? I am not giving up and I will give it try.

English is my third language. I felt language wasn't barrier as much was the strategies.

Thank you guys for advance advice.