Took Nclex Second Time Today...265 Again..

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Im so Baffled,

I took Nclex the first time in Jul and Just took it today 265 both times!

I know that dosnt mean anything about jumping to conclusions, I felt better this time but there was still a lot I was unsure of. I heard a theroy that Kaplan was supposedly throwing around about the last question or sumthin.. If u know anything encouraging Holla back at me... :uhoh21:

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I think someone here posted that they just passed at 265. I know several people who did.

I think NCLEX does pick random people out to take the 265 as well.

Good luck!


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I have friends who passed at 265. If you answered the last questions right, and if it was a high enough difficulty level, then you will pass at 265.


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I am not sure that it "picks" people to take 265 questions. It was my understanding that you will keep getting questions until you pass, or until there is not possible way you can pass.

Once you get to 75, the following happens:

If you are clearly above the passing standard, you pass and the examination ends.

If you are clearly below the passing standard, then you fail and the examination ends.

If your competence level is close enough to the passing standard that it's still not clear whether you should pass or not, then the computer continues to ask you questions

It will go on until you run out of time, pass, or don't have chance of passing (even if, say for example, you got the next 30 questions right).

"Because the examination continues until it finds the level where you are consistently answering about 50% of the questions right, in the end everyone gets 50% right. What differs is the difficulty of the questions they were able to answer correctly half of the time. The pass/fail decision is based on the competence level corresponding to that difficulty, not on a percentange correct."

It's sure is complicated. I don't understand everything about it quite yet. :uhoh3:

Read this, it has lots of info about it:

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