Took NCLEX-PN today!


Today March 25, 2014, I took the NCLEX-PN for my first attempt in California. My appointment was set for 1:15PM, arrived at the testing center around 12:30PM. I felt so emotional. Thinking to myself.. wow, you are so close to becoming a nurse.. you just need to get over this hump in the road!

I reviewed using Saunders, Exam Cram, and Kaplan Qbank. More focused on Saunders online practice questions, Exam Cram's content, and Kaplan's Qbank mostly.

I got to sit at my computer by 12:45PM, so in amazement that I am actually sitting for my board exam right now.

My exam consisted of many prioritization questions, I mean, MANY, and I had about 10-20 SATA, drag and drop procedures, a couple pictures, and a math question.

I took a break at question #44. Went out to the lobby/waiting area, drank some water, and took in a couple cough drops since I was getting over a cold. Took a deep breath in, cleared my mind, prayed once again, and was escorted back inside to my computer.

Fast forward to question #85 and thought to myself, I am about to hit the minimum amount of questions right about now. Then when I clicked next, my computer went on to #86. I took another deep in and mentally prepared myself to take all 205 questions, but instead my computer shut off on question #105. First thought in my head.. NO, PLEASE, NO! Give me more! I just knew I failed. That exam was very intense.

Raised my hand, was escorted out the testing area, took all my stuff from the locker, and left. I got in the car and broke down in tears. I was so mentally drained, I gave that exam my all. So we'll see how I do.

I get home and did the Pearson Vue Trick and.. got the good pop up "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact you Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I hope this trick is still accurate. Still will not be jumping for joy till official results. I read so many NCLEX stories on here, just thought I'd share mine. Praying and process of elimination was a big part in taking my NCLEX. Good luck to you all taking it soon!

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Congrats! I hope you passed! :)


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Wow congrats!!!! I had mine today too but unfortunately I don't have a good pop up... But still hopping there will be a miracle to happen..


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Hi! I took mine March 25,2014 at 8 am. Im from Ca too. Did u get your result yet? I hope u pass!